Route: Azuga(970m) - Azugii Valley (1140m) – Limbaselului Valley (1280m) - Azuga(970m)
Time requirement: 4 - 5 hours


Difficulty medium route that goes along two of the most beautiful valleys from Grabovei Mountains. Except for the first 200 meters, the route is gravel forest road. There is one slighter difficult part at crossing from Azugii Valley in Limbaselului Valley.


To all categories of bikers with medium physical conditions, in groups.


Tourist Lodges: Sorica, Susai and Cioplea.
Sheperd Dwellings: Stevia, Turcu.
Azuga: XIXth and XXth centuries dwelling, declared architectural monuments .
Alpine landscape: Garbovei Mountains typical flora and fauna. Bucegi Mountains  panorama .


Separately cover the two valleys without making the connection between them.


Bicycles rental and tourist information centre in Azuga.
LENGHT: 28 km.     
ELEVATION: 320m.     
Time requirement: 4-5 hours.

Route: Azuga(970m) - Sorica Ridge (1539m) – Baiu Peak (1850m) - Poiana Tapului(860m) - Busteni - Zamora(950m) - Azuga Hospital(905m) - Azuga   
Time requirement: 4-5 hours .


Difficult route on Baiului Mountains  Ridge. Alpine road (12km), forest road on gravel (7km) and asphalt (7km).Steep downhill when descending from the alpine area in Poiana Tapului.


To bikers with medium to good physical conditions (for those covering the alpine road)


Sorica Lodge. Zamora shepherd dwellings. Garbova, Bucegi and Postavarul Mountains panorama,. Alpine landscape - Garbovei Mountains typical flora and fauna


Only the alpine road can be covered with direct return in Azuga with no descent in Poiana Tapului.


Bicycles rental and tourist information centre in Azuga.  Tele –chair transportation available from Sorica Lodge to the alpine area . Auto transfer available  Busteni - Azuga.
Length : 26 km.     
Elevation : 945m.     
time: 4-5 hours .

Route:  Azuga (970m) - Busteni (885m) - Babele Lodge(2200m) -  Piatra Arsa Lodge (1950m) - Cuibul Dorului Lodge(1160m) - Sinaia (900m) - Azuga   
Time: 5 - 6 h


Difficult route on Bucegi Mountains Plateau. Alpine road , on gravel - 17 km; drum asphalted - 7 km. Steep when descending from the alpine area to Cuibul Dorului Lodge.

RECOMMENDED: to groups of well-trained bikers .


Busteni and Sinaia resorts. Lodges: Babele, Piatra Arsa, Cuibul Dorului.
Bucegi Mountains : Jepilor Valley, waterfalls and gorges on  Dorului Valley,  erosional formations in
Babele – Cocora area , flora reserve  in Piatra Arsa and Coltii lui Barbes areas.

Sinaia: Peles Castle and Sinaia Monastery  
Busteni: Cantacuzino Casle and the church founded by King  Carol in 1889.


Either the alpine path or the auto gravel road can be taken in the area of Bucegi Mountain Plateau.


Bicycle rental and tourist info point in Azuga. Info points in Azuga, Busteni and Sinaia. Auto transfer on route Azuga - Busteni. Cable car transfer from  Busteni to Babele Lodge. Auto transfer from  Cuibul Dorului Lodge (Sinaia) to Azuga .LENGTH: 42 km.     
ELEVATION: 1230m.     
TIME: 5-6 h.

Route – Azuga, Diham, Gura Diham

This is a route for bikers of average skills. It is not a difficult route, but sometimes a little push bike is required. On the way down, some might need to dismount due to rocks and roots. In the beginning and at the end the route overlaps with national road 1(DN1) , but this should not be a problem as , at least in week-ends, the traffic id very slow.

The bicycle trip starts on the asphalted DN1 , towards Predeal , for 5.5 km. The road is smooth, best suited for warming-up. After taking the turn to the left for Pârâul Rece, the climbing starts. The road is still asphalted, and for 4 km the average inclination is of only 4%. At kilometre 9.5 , the route turns left, leaves the asphalt and heads for Steaua and Diham lodges.

In just less than 1 km, the route reaches Steaua lodge and starts a steeper climb. After 3 km, the route reaches ┼×aua Baiului, an important crossroad, from where forest roads and paths go in all directions.  The bike route takes the right-hand road (north-west) and starts descending to the Diham lodge. As 2.5 hours have gone since the road first started, a lunch break is welcomed.  

From Diham lodge, the route goes back the same way, climbing for 400m. Then it turns right (south-west) and after 3 km reaches Poiana Izvoarelor lodge. This is the most difficult but alsio the highest part of the route (1.540 m according to Google Earth).  There are some steet part here too, requiring pushbike.

At Poiana Izvoarelor lodge starts the tourist trail, red stripe marked, linking this lodge to Gura Diham lodge located at 982 m altitude. This wide trail through the forest goes only downhill but it is technically difficult due to the quality of roas (rocks and roots). Shortly before reaching Gura Diham, the trail get narrower and very steep, so beware of the speed.

From Gura Diham tourist complex the route goes back to Azuga on good forest road, for 7.5 km. And the last 4 kilometers are on DN1, finishing thus a 5 hours endeavour.
LENGTH traseu: 30 km
Time: aprox 5 h
Elevation: 897 m
Average ramp: 5,5%
Maximum altitude: 1.540 m
Springs: on road (one) and at lodges
Shops :no shops, but there are lodges on the road

Wear helmet
Wear a loose and modern helmet! Provides protection against sun, rain and falls .

Actident prevention rules
Side by side biking is allowed on marked trails if other road users are not hampered.
It is advisable to ride in groups no larger than 6. Never let a child be the first to go downhill, as iot is
very diffuicult for them to master the bike at high speed.

Busteni-Babele cable car transportation for bikes .
Between 15.06-15.09 (weekend and bank holidays included): 70 lei (value of two adult cards)
Between  16.09-14.06 (less weekends and bank holidays): 35 lei (value of one adult card)