The wine tourism has begun to develop  together with Halewood Winery , Rhein Cellars - Azuga,
where tourists can discover the art of sparkling wine production  by the  traditional method used in 
Champagne, which involves a second fermentation of the wine in the bottle for at least 12 months.
Azuga Rhein Cellars were opened in 1892 and were recognized between the two world wars as the 
Romania’s " Royal Court Provider " 

Currently, Azuga Rhein Cellars are  the oldest "location" where the sparkling wine has continuously  
been produced  over time using the traditional method.
On  April 27, 2006, Halewood Winery was awarded  the status of “Provider of His Majesty King 
Michael I   "for sparkling wines, and on 12 October 2009  became the official supplier for still wines. 
In May 11, 2013 this status was renewed for another three years.

Rhein wine cellars in Azuga, owned Hallewood are open throughout the year, the number of tourists 
amounting to approximately 10,000 per year, with a peak of 11,300 in 2008.

Visiting time :

Rhein wine cellars can be visited only in groups of minimum 8 persons. 

Based on beforehand booking, groups of minimum 8 persons  can visit the cellars and taste the wine 
outside the normal visiting time.  


Admittance : 10 RON / person 
Admittance package (+ 3 wine assortments ): 25 RON/ person 

Location : 24 Independentei Street , Azuga , Prahova County 

Azuga Contact 
Eleonora Pinta
Tel: +40 244 326 560
Facsimil: +40 244 306 560
Mobil: +40 742 205 537