Holy Trinity Church was built in 1902-1903, great part of the related expenses being born by the 
Royal House. The Orthodox church was dedicated to the "Holy Trinity" and consecrated by Bishop 
Niphon Presfintitul  Ploiesteanu.

The surrounding parklike yard, with its alleys and flower arrangements, has a total area of 1,500 
square meters. A monument dedicated to the heroes who fought in the War of Independence ( 1877-
1878) can be seen in front of the church. 

From the architectural point of view, the brick and river stone made  building has a towering sturdy 
structure.   The Church building in the shape of a cross, has a roof decorated with two towers, one 
small above the church entrance and a bigger one housing the church nave.  The latter was 
damaged in 1916 and restored four years later.

The walls are made of river stone on the outside and brick masonry inside. The interior of the church 
was painted by Father Rafael Popescu , using tempera paints. Here one can see the treasures of 
the church: very beautiful stained glass, a temple worked in lime wood and a large cross made of 
wood and covered in silver metal.

Address: Victoriei Street. 54

The visit of this tourist attraction is free.