The “Ecaterina Teodoroiu “ Monument( the “Jiu heroine” -died in battle during the World War I)   , 
also  known as The World War I  Heroes Monument is  located in Azuga Central Park. 

The monument was created by the Romanian sculptor Ioan  Iordanescu in 1937. Representing 
Sacrifice and Victory, the monument has  on its pedestal the written names of the local heroes to 
whom the sculpture is dedicated and the inscription “ To the eternal memory and praise of the Azuga 
heroes who fought in 1916-1919 war “

The monument shows two life-size bronze statues : on the right-hand side, a wounded soldier who 
leans on a woman symbolizing  Homeland ; on the left -hand side, Ecaterina Teodoroiu  in military 
uniform, hit by a killing bullet , beside a soldier leaning on a  cannon. 

The park and the monument can be visited by the tourist with no charge, the park being accessible 
throughout the day. ( 24h/24).

The access to the park is from Parcului Street .