Main natural tourist resources of Azuga are: 

mountain landscape with great aesthetic and functional value , suitable for resting, 
especially recreational activities in both winter and summer;
subalpine mountain climate, similar to that from Prahova county resorts;
remarkable skiing potential in Garbovei and Clabucetele Predealului Mountains;
valuable fishing and hunting potential.

Clabucetele Predeal Mountains are surrounded by Postavarul, Piatra Mare and Garbovei higher 
peaks  with 1800 - 1900 m and Bucegii Mountains reaching 2505 m in /Omu . They thus appears 
as a lower area, whose altitude decreases gradually from E - V.There is a more compact area of 
1400 - 1500 m (Clabucet Plecare 1451 m, Clabucetul Taurului 1519 m, Clabucetul Azugii 1586 m) 
between Prahova and Azuga, with 12 - 24 degree and  24 - 32 degrees slopes. 

West of Azuga, the altitudes are lower, of 1300 - 1400 m peak. Grecului peak , for instance,  has 
an elevation of   1432 m and the slopes are 6-12 degrees and 12-24 degrees. Garbovei Mountains 
are more prominent in the south and east. Cazacu Peak is 1753 m, Urechea Peak 1715 m peak 
and Stevia Peak 1901 m.

Natural monuments: 

● Secular Beech Tree in the Forestry Department yard.

Nature reserves:

● Botanical Nature Reserve– Poiana cu Narcise (Daffodils Meadow) – Clăbucetul Azugii 18,5 
hectares ;        
● Botanical Nature Reserve– Poiana cu Narcise (Daffodils Meadow) – Unghia Mare 18,22 
● Complex Nature Reserve – Valea Turcului 113,75 hectares;
● Complex Nature Reserve I – Unghia Mare 42 hectares;
● Complex Nature Reserve II – Unghia Mare 50 hectares;
● Complex Nature Reserve III – Unghia Mare 78,75 hectares;
● Complex Nature Reserve – Valea Cazacului 257,75 hectares;
● Geological and geomorphological nature reserve-Unghia Mică 139,75 hectares.