Located at the foot of Bucegi Mountains, Azuga resort is proud to have of the first ski slope in 
Romania approved by the International Ski Federation – Sorica Slope. For this, and due to 
massive investments in tourism infrastructure made in the last period , Azuga has become one of 
the largest ski resorts in the country.

Azuga city's tourist potential is huge, with leisure possibilities in both winter and summer. The 
preferred tourist activities are as follows : passive or active resting,  9 hiking mountain trails  
from very easy to very difficult,(in Bucegi and Baiului Mountains),   climbing routes in Bucegi 
Mountains, winter sports  (alpine or cross country skiing, randonee , snowboarding, sledding),  
summer sports (there is an indoor gym and an outdoor sports complex  type II where you can 
practice basketball, volleyball, handball and mini football ), picnic, hunting and fishing, water 
sports, knowledge - education.

Forms of tourism 

The development of Azuga city is largely due to tourist phenomenon.  The various resources with 
therapeutic properties and the natural cure factors led to the development of mountain tourism. 
The natural conditions, the cultural and historical resources, the picturesque of the area and the 
hunting opportunities added more to the tourist potential of the region. In addition, the 
adventure tourism has found an important place in Azuga in recent years. Over time, the 
diversity, volume and value of tourism resources of the resort provided good conditions for 
several forms of tourism, which leads to the idea of the complex resort, that  can meet the 
needs of large segments of tourists

A. Alpine tourism - alpine skiing, cross-country skiing  , mountain trails.

B. Leisure tourism   - trips, mountain hiking, indoor leisure, summer sports .

C. Business tourism 

D. Other forms of tourism - extreme sports (paintball, ATV rides, mountain - biking, alpinism and 
climbing  ), sport camps, events tourism, sport hunting and fishing tourism, transit and week-end 
tourism, scientific tourism .